Friday, May 25, 2012

Byeynyn's review: ABDC's Rihanna Challenge

Last week, five crews performed and none of them went home. None of them! Gasp! You might as well not have watched, unless you were a fan of dance or something. This week, one crew will be sent home. Or not. I’m not the boss here. The five crews are going to honor Rihanna, whose recent songs have shifted mostly from dancing in the club into who she wants to make whoopee to. I guess that’s sort of a natural progression.

All five crews perform to “We Found Love.” It’s a solid group performance, set in a hopeless place. There are some caution bars and trampolines here and there, but it’s generally not a place where love can be found, unless you and a partner tried really hard. While all the crews have their moments to shine, Elektrolytes gets the least amount of airtime. Still, everybody does a good job maintaining the energy. And, there isn’t a random appearance by the Iconic Boyz to distract from the crews that deserve the attention. It’s IB-free!

Click here to read the full review. Thanks, Byeynyn!