Monday, May 21, 2012

Comment Posting Rules Recap

Hey guys,

So it's top 5 of the season (should be top 4, but them's the breaks). It's about that time of the season when emotions run high and normally very nice, very civil and level headed commenters turn nasty and mean-spirited in the pursuit of supporting their chosen crew, and they do things that they wouldn't normally. While we here at BBDC would like to give you a space to express your opinions and support for your crews, we cannot allow individuals to create an environment where they can say potentially very hurtful things to the crews. That said, here is a quick reminder of some of the key rules of this website.

-Please keep things civil when commenting. This means no ad hominem attacks toward other commenters, toward the crews, or anyone else. It is possible to say that you support crew XYZ without saying that crew ABC is bad. It  is possible to disagree with someone and not make fun of them or call them a [censored] [censored] [censored]. We will give out warnings, but if you are saying mean/hurtful things putting down someone else's opinion repeatedly, you will be banned. 

-When making comments regarding a crew's performance, rather than saying "that sucked so badly they never deserved to be on the show in the first place," try "well I think they could have improved their routine by doing this this and this." Constructive criticism is the best way to make the show and this website better. 

-No spamming. We haven't had so much of a problem with this, but please keep that in mind. Mindlessly posting the same opinion /link over and over when it is not relevant to the conversation at hand (or even if it is), can get annoying, and if you're looking for a fight or to start something, you could try to start something with Mr. Banhammer. 

-Again I just want to reiterate - you can support your crew and say what you liked about your crew. When you say something about why you didn't like the other crew's routine in an attacking, vicious manner, then that's taking it too far. Giving constructive criticism is the best way to help the crews, and being positive and optimistic, and less confrontational, is more likely to get people to agree with you. All these crews are friends with each other and I'm sure they don't appreciate their fans hating on their friends.