Thursday, May 24, 2012

Send some love to Fanny Pak!

When I heard that America's Best Dance Crew was considering bringing back favorite groups from prior seasons, Fanny Pak was at the top of the list of groups I wanted to see again. I loved their mad creativity, unpredictable choreography, and awesome stunts in Season 2, and I loved it this season. They were a delight both onstage and backstage. I really hope Fanny Pak will be performing together live around the country and the world for years to come -- they command the stage and audiences' hearts like nobody else.

This comment was left on a Fanny Pak video on Youtube last night that summarizes my feelings: 
"Dear Fanny Pak, I apologize for America not grasping the concept of your artistry and creativity. All of you have amazing hearts and kind souls. I would have thought that this would be the season for you, but it's unfortunate that you had to be eliminated again. You have been champions in my heart since season 2. I will always stand a proud Fanny. ♥"
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Photocredit: MTV