Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dance Hero Japane - Season 1 Results, Season 2 Crews

We've covered Season 1 of Dance Hero Japan (sort of like a Japanese ABDC, but with a different format) before on the site, but we sort of fell back on covering it. Well, better late than never. Here are the results of last season!
1st Place - 370 pts- Time Machine
2nd Place - 300 pts- Beat Buddy Boi
3rd Place - 240 pts - Twiggz Fam (aka Street Kingdom Japan)
4th Place- 170 pts - Vigorous Ladies
5th Place - 130 pts - Victoria
6th Place - 60 pts - Knuckle Bear
7th Place - 40 pts - Team Black Star
8th Place - 20 pts - Melange, Area Rock Styler,
10th Place - 0 pts - Saturday Player
You can watch all the videos at the [DANCEHEROjp] Youtube channel. I strongly recommend you do.

With the first season out of the way in November only, they're already gearing up for their second season this month! It's actually quite interesting since almost half the crews this second season will be returning from last season. The crew lineup for Season 2 of Dance Hero Japan is
-Beat Buddy Boi
-Vigorous Ladies
-Bear Knuckle
-Ms Creative
-Tokyo Beat Surf
-Majestic Dixee's

The first of three rounds will be recorded on January 21st! We'll post those videos here as soon as we spot them. What do you think? Could ABDC take something from Dance Hero? Talent or Format? Quick turnaround? What about the 40% old crew retention rate (and the top crews as well!)?