Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crews videos on their journey to ABDC auditions (with dancing): Preconceived Notion, Illmatik Phlow, Skittleheadz, Massive Motion

Several crews filmed their preparation and trips to the America's Best Dance Crew auditions. I find them interesting and watch-worthy because 1. they provide some context on the work, emotions, uncertainty, and camaraderie involved in committing to dance auditions and competitions, 2. they show some of the crews' dance skills and 3. who knows -- some of these might be picked for ABDC. The videos I've seen so far include several for Skittleheadz Crew (visit their Skittleheadz2012 Youtube Channel to see them all), PreConceived Notion (from their PreConceivedNotionTV Youtube), Massive Motion (click here to watch from BuzyBoii Youtube) and Illmatik Phlow (click here to watch their first video in the series; they promise more to come).

Leave a comment if you know of other crew videos like this; we'll post more as they appear. And good luck to all the crews!