Sunday, January 15, 2012

Heko's News from the Houston Auditions

Heko attended the Houston auditions for America's Best Dance Crew Season 7 on January 15, 2012. Here are his comments from the day. Thanks Heko!
  • 2:36 pm (Houston Time)  It's crazy here. I've seen lots of crews and the only crew I know right now that made callbacks is DBA (Triple Threat).  Everyone and i mean EVERYONE is talking about Illmatik Phlow, i have no idea if they auditioned yet or if they're still waiting 
  • 2:44:  BREAKING NEWS: I just saw Jungle Boogie and they are wearing the same thing, they could be auditioning again or they are just performing there to warm up the crowd  
  • 4:54: Most of the Puerto Rican crews are here and I also heard something about Dumbo [Poreotics] is here with Funkdation Crew, supporting them. I also heard RNG made callbacks.  Illmatik Phlow arrived about and hour and 30 minutes ago, and the crowd went nuts. Still don't know if they auditioned yet. I also saw Roast Beast and heard that they made callbacks too.  
  • Crews from Chicago and Houston that Heko (and others) know made it to the callbacks (there are probably more):  Illmatik Phlow, RNG, DBA, Roast Beast, Funkdation, Elevation, Skittleheadz, Preconceived Notion, and Collizion. UPDATE: from comments, other callback crews - Wild Style (Wyld Styl?), Mix It Up Crew, Fatally Unique, 2 Much Dance.