Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dance Hero Japan - Season 2 Episode 1

While we wait for news on ABDC 7 auditions, the latest videos of Dance Hero Japan (Season 2, Episode 1) have been posted.  Here are the definite "must-see" performances on the [DANCEHEROjp] youtube channel.

Bear Knuckle: This returning bboy crew from last season has upped their level since last time. This military-precise routine has them drilling bboy moves in a way that's pretty fresh.

Tokyo Beat Surf: This ties another routine (below) for my favorite routine of the week. It seems that this newcomer crew focuses a lot on story telling, in this case "Karate Kid." However, they're planning on telling only a part of the story each episode, so tune in next time to see what happens next. Dance wise, they've got a good mix of styles going on, with a lot of martial arts base.

Beat Buddy Boi: This is my other favorite routine of the week. The fact that a good half of the routine was done sitting down, and was still as interesting and had just as much swag (if not more) than many other dance performances I've seen is impressive. The solo by the old oji-san is great from this returning crew.  They also show their diversity by expanding from their bboy routines from last season.

Aerstix Side: We've highlighted members of Aerstix crew before (Bgirl NAO in a KoopaTV post), so it's great to see them pop up here. Their contortionist circus style of bboying is really impressive, though some may find it slow.

ISOPP: Another story telling crew, with an interesting theme and song selection, to say the least. If thinks another crew has better technique, you can't fault these guys for lacking creativity and daring to try things people think aren't possible.