Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dance@Hero (aka Japan's Best Dance Crew): Round 2 results and videos

Ant M is following Dance@Hero (aka Japan's Best Dance Crew, and filed a report:
I gotta be honest, Dance@Hero is the next best thing to waiting on ABDC 7.They had week 2 this past Saturday, and to be honest the scores kinda went topsy-turvy, some of the powerhouse last week fell kinda hard (Mainly Twiggz Fam and Melange) and some crews came up big (Mainly Beat Buddy Boi and surprisingly Victoria.). Anyways I believe they just released the scores for Week 2 and it went sorta like this...

Week 2 Scores (and videos):
100 Points: Beat Buddy Boi
80 Points: Time Machine
60 Points: Vigorous Ladies
40 Points: Victoria
20 Points: Twiggz Fam
0 Points: Area Rock Styler, Bear Knuckle, Melange, Saturday Players (Who I still think had a way better week), and of course everyone's favorite jabronis Team Black Star.

Overall Standings:
1st: Time Machine: 180 Points
2nd: Beat Buddy Boi: 140 Points
3rd: Vigorous Ladies: 120 Points

Thanks Ant M! Readers -- you too can subscribe to get updated to each round of videos at the Youtube channel (and help your favorite crew win) at [DANCEHEROjp]