Monday, April 11, 2011

One more: Zekeish's review of ABDC6's Lil Wayne Challenge

Given the number of people interested in writing America's Best Dance Crew reviews this season, I will probably need to combine posts (as done with the episode recaps) starting later this week. Here's one more read-worthy review:

Hey there BABDC community, this is Zeke aka Zekeish. I saw the reviews online and decided to jump on the opportunity to write a review of my own. This episode of ABDC was historic, epic, mind blowing and amazing all in one. I have yet to miss a single episode of ABDC and I must say, this was the best season premiere yet. I have involved myself heavily in dance in the past couple years after getting inspired by the JabbawockeeZ in season 1. My style of dance encompasses more than just one genre, I pop, hype, wave, krump and im learning how to break a little. So I have a little respectability in that regard.

Click here to read Zekeish's unconventional rating scale and his review of the group number and the individual performances by IaMmE, Phunk Phenomenon, ReQuest, Eclectic Gentlemen, and Street Kingdom. Thanks Zekeish!