Saturday, April 16, 2011

Reviews of ABDC's Ke$ha Challenge from Zekeish and Byeynyn

Here are more reviews of America's Best Dance Crew's Ke$ha Challenge from readers Byeynyn and Zekeish:
  • From Byenyn: Last week, five crews danced to Lil Wayne, one got cut. Shocking, right? This time the other five crews will be dancing to songs by the irritating Ke$ha. Okay, you know what? I’m not sure how mad I should be at her. She sounds like she drunkenly slurs through every song appears in, and generally looks that way too. But the truth is, when she doesn’t sound like she got hammered minutes before recording an album, she has a pretty decent voice, believe it or not (or at least believe Wikipedia). That’s not the one that’s popular though. The ridiculous “dollar-sign-replaces-the-letter-S” persona became popular. And you can’t blame just one person for something becoming popular, it’s a group effort. To summarize this rant- Blah Blah Blah! Click here to read the rest! 
  • From Zekeish: Hey there BABDC community, this is Zeke aka Zekeish coming in with my second review to the Ke$ha challenge. This episode was clearly worse off than last week’s episode. Blame it on the talent level of the crews, blame it on the songs/mixes, it really doesn’t matter. Last week’s episode was like a 5 star restaurant, and this week was like a Bob Evan’s. Anyway with that said, this is my FANTABULOUS review for ABDC episode Ke$ha Challenge. I have also added a new rating to my rating scale so make sure you take notice of that! Click here to read the rest