Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Non-spoiler Report from the ABDC6 Ke$ha taping

Yoo attended the first taping of ABDC6 and left this non-spoilerish info. Thanks Yoo!
Lets get to the dancing!  It was kind of weird because it was  the 1st taping but they were taping the 2nd episode. It was the Ke$ha challenge. They did split up the episodes where only 5 crews would perform. The 5 Crews were FootworKINGz, 787 Crew, Iconic Boyz, Jag6ed, and Instant Noodles. The show opened up with a group performance including all the crews! It was Fantastic! Even though I'm Not a fan of Ke$ha's music, each crews' solos really defined what their style is.

Judges: Really there's not much to talk about here about Lil Mama and JC because they are basically the same that we've seen the past 5 seasons. D-trix i must say is  a good addition to this group because he knows dance and knows what he's saying rather than just.... "AYEEEE". Wink  His humor is really funny! He knows when to pull in jokes. He ALSO knows when to get down to business and he DOES speak his mind about the crews, You'll see. 

Crowd: In the crowd we got some Celebs in Attendance: 
--Jun Quemado, Lando Wilkins, Brian Puspos - Mos Wanted Crew
--Hype 5-0
--KevJumba, VictorKim, JR Aquino - YTF (Youtube Friends)
-- My friend told me some guy named Caleb from Pretty Little Liars 

Click here for more non-spoiler report from Yoo, including the music pair-ups and a brief [edited by Nancy] description of the groups. Thanks Yoo!