Monday, April 12, 2010

Report & Videos: Main Event Dance Workshops taught by Fanny Pak, Kaba Modern, & Funkanometry leaders!

The Main Event was held in New Jersey on April 10, followed by a day of workshops. I will have a great set of videos from the event in the next few days, including all the exhibition crews and the winning competitive crews. Melissa from went to the workshops and files this report, with videos. Thanks Melissa!

First off, major thanks to Fr3sh for organizing such an amazing line up.  Originally I was only there for 2 classes but I ended up seeing all 4 of them.  In order, the classes were taught by Arnel Calvario (founder of Kaba Modern), Gloryzen Mendoza (Funkanometry SF), Cara (Fanny Pak), and lastly, Mike Song (Kaba Modern).
Classes were supposed to start at 11am, but because the DJ canceled at the last minute and finding a replacement was tough, Fr3sh was running nearly an hour behind schedule.  That’s fine with me because I had a chance to talk with Arnel, who I found out was a really awesome person.  And he’s an even better instructor!  Seeing that majority of the class were locking-newbs, Arnel led us through basic techniques as well as filled our heads with some knowledge.  Apparently, locking started in 1960 by a man named Don Campbell who discovered it by pure accident.  Actually, Campbell was trying to do the robot and instead ended up locking!  The routine Arnel taught us in retrospect is pretty basic but it was incredibly fun and even involved partners.  I really enjoy also watching Arnel dance; he has the BIGGEST smile I’ve ever seen while dancing. 
Click here to read the rest of her report and see other videos from the workshops. Thanks Melissa!