Sunday, April 11, 2010

More ABDC Finale recaps - including news of an ABDC tour!

  • People Magazine recaps the results, with quotes from judges and crew members. Best quote: Randy Jackson - "We are planning a tour for later on this summer."
  • Howard and LeKeith at We'll Fix it In skewer the finale and talk about whether all trophies should be bobbleheads (or bobbletorsos). Thanks again to LeKeith for keeping our readers entertained in our live play-by-play on Thursday! 
  • AC Slater is very disappointed that Poreotix won.
  • Too Interesting for Twitter especially liked Poreotix showing off their bboy skills
  • Spoil the Ending: "I think Lil Mama is the only thing keeping this show from taking itself too seriously. Somebody give her a raise" 
  • Video reviews: TaizukeACONNECTIONTV