Friday, April 16, 2010

Send some love to the people responsible for the Champions for Charity show!

Now THAT's the way to end a season on a high note! You reminded us why we LOVE America's Best Dance Crew and its insanely talented dancers! At the same time, you found a way to bring attention to five important causes and the brave, creative people behind them (click here  for more about them). You showed us why ABDC is still fresh after 5 seasons and why you NEED to bring the show back for another season. Many readers noticed that there was no announcement about a live ABDC tour and about Season 6. Well, we want to show our appreciation for what you gave us last night and ask that you give us more! 

This post is only for positive comments about the people at ABDC and MTV who brought us the Champions for Charity show (and ABDC Season 5), and for the Champions for Charity causes. If you have anything else to say, please leave your comment in the Party Room.
Photocredit:Yo RandyJackson UberTwitter