Friday, August 21, 2015

Ninjaboi's review of ABDC's Crews Control Challenge: was the right crew sent home? #abdc

Hey BBDC readers.  Hope you guys have been doing well this week. Apologies for missing most of the live play by play, I had some real life stuff happening (nothing major don’t worry), but I wouldn’t let that keep me from doing a write up this week.  An man what a week this was. A lot of ABDC firsts - megacrews competing outside of opening performances of final episodes, no music on stage, hoverboards, single shot performances, and loooooove in the air.

Insert obligatory introduction here - Hi I’m Ninjaboi, a dancer and blogger who owes this site a lot for getting me into dance. I like Excel and dance so decided to combine the two and write up reviews that try to go a bit more in depth compared to what the judges say on air, while adding in a quantitative scoring metric as well. I have mostly background in bboying and other funky street styles, but love learning from any dance style I can. 
In short, for this week my rankings (out of 20) are
1) Quest Crew - 18
2) Kinjaz - 16
3+4) Super Kinjaz and I aM Quest - 14
5+6) Super Cr3w and IaMmE- 13