Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Chris Trondsen's preview of tonight's ABDC Crews Control Challenge! #ABDC

Chris Trondsen attended last week's America's Best Dance Crew taping as part of the Pacific Rim press crew and send this non-spoiler preview. Thanks Chris!

Ever imagine what some of your favorite crews would look like performing together? Well, on tonight's episode of America's Best Dance Crew you'll finally get your dream come true! I'm not going to ruin the surprise on which crews pair up but the remaining four crews split down the middle and form to make 2 mega crews. The first crew that comes out the gate is able to match their styles beautifully. There is some critique from the judges and some of it is understood. The expectations of seeing these two crews perform together were probably so high that unless they flew around the stage they couldn't meet it. But overall it was a perfect blend of two styles. The second group came out and was spectacular. This one seems like a more genuine combination and the performance couldn't have been any better. They really seemed like they were a mega crew and they were able to take the best of both styles. During the deliberations the judges and producers got it wrong and ended up putting the two that performed better in the bottom two and saving the mega crew that wasn't as strong in my opinion.

Tonight's theme will be "Crews Control" where the crews have control of everything including the music, the background, costumes and more.