Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ninjaboi recap & ratings of ABDC VMA Costume Challenge: was there biting? #abdc

Hey all - apologies for the late writeup this week - had a wedding I had to attend, and a slew of work at my job, so the time for writing this was few and far between. This week the crews tackle the fashion challenge, and overall it’s a bit of a step down, but only because the crews at the top didn’t keep up the same level as last week; however by my judgement I still think that all the performances (or most of them anyway) were at least average and all were more or less enjoyable.

For those of you who are confused as to who I am, I’m Ninjaboi, BBDC’s resident overanalyzer who has chosen to try to apply maths and number scores to the abstract art of competitive dance on shows airing on the Music Television channel. My primary experience in firsthand dance is through bboying with my college crew and randomly learning the basics of locking and popping, but I love to see how people love to move and express themselves through movement.

Also just a note - this week’s review does contain a note on the idea of biting, based on some conversations on social media about it in relation to this week, as well as comments on Frankie’s comments about Quest’s performance.  But for those, as well as this week’s scores (spoiler, I disagree a lot with the judges this week, though I do agree on some points), you’ll have to click through below. 

In short, for this week my rankings (out of 20) are
1) Super Cr3w - 14
2) Kinjaz - 14
3) Elektrolytes - 13
4) I.aM.mE - 12
5) Quest Crew - 11

Click here to read the discussion on biting and Ninjaboi's ratings. Thanks Ninjaboi!