Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hip Hop International 2015 | Videos, Pictures, & Review #HHI2015

Several weeks ago, I spent a wonderful week in beautiful Southern California to attend this year's Hip Hop International.  I had so much fun!  Special thanks to the HHI Staff and Pacific Rim Press! Everyone was really cool.  Check out my full review here or at the link down below.  It includes pictures, videos, and my opinions on things like- the new location, the performances, the controversy, and the results!  Visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel - BloggingABDC - for ALL our #HHI2015 videos.  Visit and follow us on Facebook - BloggingBestDance - and see ALL the pictures I took (even the bad ones!).  And lastly, follow us on Instagram - BloggingBestDance - to follow me on ALL my hip-hop dance adventures.

BONUS: Here's my personal favorite routine from this year's HHI.... and it didn't even win a medal! I could watch this performance all day.  Crowns up!