Saturday, June 2, 2012

Official Body Rock 2012 Videos

Even though we posted the uStream of Body Rock a while back, we've been waiting for these HD videos to make this post.

First up (below) are the winners and ABDC6 alumni, Request.  Simply dope.  Everything from grimy to sexy, along with a great message as well. And they do it with less than half the members of any other crew.

Second place went to Academy of Villains. This crew can't seem to get a break, but man are they consistently top notch.  Led by Pharside, with a theme that they bring to life, as well as probably the dopest closer I've ever seen, AOV represents the Bay Area to the fullest.  Skool District all day.

Third place goes to Choreo Cookies. Always bringing a great theme, here they show their love for the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Does anyone else think they'd fit right in with the Cirque du Soleil Show?

The editors would also like to give a shoutout to some other crews that performed.

ABDC Alum Kaba Modern had a pretty dope routine. I particularly enjoyed the first half, and Kaba Modern shows why they're considered ABDC Royalty.

Another Bay Area crew, the Company is one of our favorite crews to perform here. They really evoke an emotion, without having to go over the top, all while being crisp, technical, and all around excellent dancers.

We also have to give props to 220, who also brought a clever prop use to the stage, with their headphones really matching up to how they use the music. It's subtle, but clever and entertaining at the same time.

Finally, last but not least, GRV brings one of the most touching pieces we've seen in a while. It's dedicated to their fellow member Sharon Higgins, who passed away last year. The video opens with a dedication to her, and it ends with probably the most touching and at the same time impressive spoken-word choreography we've seen. 

Who rocked your body this Body Rock? Let us know below! As more videos come out, we'll highlight them as well.