Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Next job for Glenda (Fanny Pak) - teaching dance at Mexican orphanage - please help

The awesome Glenda Morales (Fanny Pak) posted this message on Facebook
...Remember how we believe everything happens for a reason??? Well, just yesterday I was asked to join a mission to an orphanage in Mexico! It is super last minute, I already had a plane ticket to Hawaii to visit my friends out there...but when I was called about this I decided to cut my trip short! I am going out there to teach dance to the kids. Other work includes construction of a school and farming the land to provide food! But I will mostly be interacting with the kids who need all the love and attention they can get! We leave the evening of June 5th and are at the orphanage from the 6th to the 15th so I had to act fast! I knew about this trip earlier in the year but it was after we decided to do ABDC...I feel so strongly that we left this show with enough time for me to prepare for this trip because I'm supposed to go on it! 

The reason I'm telling all of you is because I need your help!  I’m writing to ask for your support in two ways—financially and through prayer. The total cost of my trip will be $600 which includes travel expenses, food, and lodging. I also certainly plan on working myself to earn money but I will not be able to cover it all. My team and I need to have our money raised by 6/1/2012.  If you would like to be part of EDIFY’s outreach to Chihuahua, Mexico by supporting me financially, please send a check to:
EDIFY Movement

Attn:  Leslie Scott
12214 La Maida St
Valley Village, CA 91607

So, help out EDIFY and Glenda and give! -- I did!