Saturday, June 2, 2012

Battlefield America Premiere

The first of two dance movies this summer premieres this weekend, featuring some very familiar faces.  Battlefield America is a dance movie, with the as-old-as-time-immemorial plot of some crew trying to beat another crew at the big competition, all while talking really gangstuh. The twist here? They're kids! Gangstuh-speaking kids. 
On a serious note, this film does showcase a wide range of young talent. RNG, Teen Phunk,  Babymaation, members of 8Flavahz, The Art of Technique, Miles Boogaloo Brown, and many more. Adult stars include choreographer Kolaine Marks, Rusell Ferguson, and You Got Served stars Marques Houston and Christopher Jones. 
If you do decide to go watch it, let us know what you think, and any other stars we haven't mentioned yet! Check out PacRim's coverage of the premiere below!