Saturday, May 19, 2012

Video: Latest episode of AXI, starring Jaja Vankova (IaMmE)

From the description: "In this episode the director takes you back before the fall of the Avenger Phillip "The Keyholder" played by PacMan (IaMmE). In Episode I "Eye of the Beholder", Phillip had just finished annihilating the Dark Army. Unfortunately he was infected and dragged off to die leaving his close friend JaJa alone in his house with "Klaws", one of the bitter remaining DayWalkers left from the dark army who has pledged revenge on the Avengers. JaJa is bitten and becomes a recluse in a nearby dark tunnel with hopes she can avoid the temptations to draw blood on the innocent. The Avengers are sent in to rescue her."  Dancers: JaJa Vankova (IaMmE), Liz Anne Hewette, & Jason Anderson. From shawnwellingdance Youtube.