Friday, May 18, 2012

Recaps (and rants) for ABDC Pitbull Challenge

- Daily Princetonian has a detailed time-line breakdown of the moves, passionate thoughts on the crews (loved RNG and 8 Flavahz, tired of Fanny Pak) and links to two of my favorite Bollywood dances -- "All cool boys, come on make some noise and say Om Shanti Om!"
- AV Club gives the episode a B+ and explains (with examples from ABDC2's Supreme Soul/Super Cr3w matchup and ABDC4's Rhythm City/Massive Monkees battle) that someone SHOULD have been eliminated this week. 
- What's That Music Guy thinks this week had the strongest dancing yet but wants to get rid of the Super-star centrism
- Screen Invasion liked the opening number (even thought ICONic Boys were cute) and LOVED Elektrolytes
- AllVoices does a straight summary but redeems it with a charming computer dance image
- Ant M. has 2 videos this week: his review of the dances (shown below) and a complaint to the producers that they've destroyed the integrity of ABDC (click here to watch)