Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Napoleon Dumo & Chachi talk at ABDC auditions: personal lives (family, motocross!), projects

Chachi (IaMmE) and Chris Trondsen interview choreographer Napoleon Dumo at the Los Angeles auditions for America's Best Dance Crew. It's a long interview but contains revelations for fans of Chachi and the Dumos:
-In the first part, Napoleon talks about working on MOBBED, hoping to work on ABDC as well as American Idol this spring, his contact with the ABDC producers and Pacman (IaMmE) during ABDC Season 6, and the challenges for choreographing for multiple cameras
-The second half of the interview focuses on personal lives of Napoleon and Chachi: Napoleon being a father-to-be (and wanting a son!), family size, their mutual interest and involvement in Motocross. Thanks to MOVeMEDIAproductions.com for all the filming and production.