Thursday, February 9, 2012

Help Alonzo Williams (Rhythm City) with Kickstarter project to make music video

Alonzo Williams, leader of Rhythm City (ABDC Season 4) just posted on Kickstarter. He is trying to raise money for a music video for DOMO (a Rhythm City member), that would feature dancing by the crew: "I'm trying to shoot my first OFFICIAL Music Video and possibly launch it on any major network that will have me. But of course it has to be on a MAINSTREAM LEVEL. And this takes a lot of money that I don't have :(  I only have 30 Days to make my goal, if not then i get NO MONEY AT ALL :(

We need to hire a director, dancers, choreographer, costumes, wardrobe, locations, rental, equipment for the set, cameras, lighting etc... Its a lot! Also I'm giving away SOME REALLY great stuff if you make a DONATION!!! :) --- Click here to read more about the project and to donate.