Friday, February 10, 2012

NAOTV Episode 14: "Find"

What's up BBDC Fam? This week, NAOTV brings you the second installment of Keone Madrid and Mariel Martin's video series-"The Meeting". In this video, Mariel portrays her own battle with self-confidence through dance. Her choreography to Alicia Keys' "Superwoman" is full of emotion and displays the gradual emergence of her inner confidence.

Can't wait to see the final installment of this amazing series. That's not all for this week though. Check out this playlist here or scroll down for the rest of this week's videos.

---Other Dope Videos from This Week---

Bam Martin - "I'm Busy" - Bam returns from his knee injury with a bang! (or possibly a Bam? I'm so punny.) He is back and better than ever! He brings his usual explosiveness and throws in an insane sense of musicality by hitting multiple, quick, successive snares at the end.

Brian Puspos - "Rise and Shine" - Brian Puspos also started off his new year with a bang. Kub Skoutz, mL studio, and J Cole make for an incredible combination.