Tuesday, October 18, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Speakerphone"

Hey! We're going to San Diego! Today's KoopaTV takes us to World Of Dance: San Diego, where we find Samath Orm's project.

Samath is a legend in the San Diego dance community. He was part of the 2001 Culture Shock San Diego team along with Anna Sarao, Vanessa Andrada, Sherman Shoate, and many other amazing dancers who have trained many of the SD dancers in the scene today.

This is his exhibition project from World of Dance SD 2011. You may recognize many dancers from 220 such as Anthony Tabucbuc, Dan Surdilla, Kiko James, Justin Arcega, Trai and Kei Tsukamoto (former member). There are also other dancers who aren't from 220 such as Carlos "Momo" Morris, Raul and two kids from breakthrough, Dustin Yu and Vivian Lin.
Huge thanks to Alvinito, for the submission AND the write-up!

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