Monday, October 17, 2011

Freeze Report: World of Dance San Diego

BABDC Contributor Freeze attended World of Dance San Diego this last Saturday, and was kind enough to get us both shoutouts for the website, as well as a write up. Check the shoutouts below, and click through at the bottom of the post to read the full recap, as well as see some pictures.

What’s good BloggingAmericasBestDanceCrew! This is Freeze here recapping what was probably one of the best World of Dance's I’ve been too. They just seem to be getting bigger and better every year!  Of course the moment I got there I blew through my money buying as much stuff as I could and as much as it hurt my wallet it was worth it. I grabbed my seat and got ready for the show to start, Ricky Cole from MWC and Charles Nguyen(Whose Birthday it was) from Poreotics came on to host the Youth Division.
Click here to read the rest of the recap, and view pictures from the event! Thanks Freeze!