Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Poreotics at UF: new revelations and their workshop video (including PerezOverride)

UFAKMonth covered Chad Mayate and Lawrence “Law” Devera (member of ABDC Season 5 Champion Poreotics) during their  visit to University of Florida as part of  Asian Kaleidoscope Month and Filipino American History Month. The story tells the dancers' background histories and some fun facts.

My favorite quote is from Chad: "For me, I hear a song and maybe I’ll do a random move to a word.  I build off that moment and freestyle...For Poreotics, 50 percent is made up by goofing around, doing stupid stuff. We end up saying ‘Wow, that was really funny!’  So we put it in, judge the reaction from the audience.  We want to show our personality. It’s one thing to dance, but to dance and entertain is what we aim for.  We want to create a performance, not just a dancing show.”

Here's video of the workshop. PerezOverride (thanks for the tip!) appears in a plaid shirt at 0:53.