Friday, September 30, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Marry You"

Hey! Today's episode of KoopaTV takes us back to Cali! This video has been going around the past couple of days, and not only is the choreography really dope, but the story behind it is SO SWEET that we just had to share it with you.

Based in Walnut, California, Marvels Dance Company is a juniors hip hop dance team that competes locally (click here for WOD 2011 Family Night). On September 26th, co-director Jamin Love proposed to long time girlfriend and co-director Valerie Albania. Of course, being a dancing couple, he had to do it in an appropriate way possible. Hence, he got a bunch of his friends and proposed flash-mob style, to Bruno Mars's song "Marry You."

Congratulations to Jamin and Valerie on their future life together!

Thank Karen Chu for this great submission! (And thanks Ninjaboi for writing this post first, lol)

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KoopaTV, signing off.