Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ulimate Showdown of ABDC Superiority Bonus Round: Rise from the Grave!!

Feeling sad that one of your favorites didn't make it to the top eight? Well don't worry there is still hope yet! I would like to advance two more crews to the end so that we will have a top ten instead of a top eight.

To do this I propose a little game called Hurt and Heal: Rise from the grave!

Rules are easy to follow:
--Each crew has 10 points, for a total number of 80 points in play. Your job is to take points away from routines or crews you don't like and give them to a crew you do like.
--Each hour you make take away one point from a crew and then give a point to a crew. Hence you hurt a crew to heal a crew.
--Also you must wait for someone else to make a move before you make make another one. Even if you get your vote in at the last second for an hour.

--To play a round you do it like so:

Crew A 10+1=11
Crew B 15-1=14
Crew C 5

Just copy the list from the previous voter and add and subtract from it. In addition to speed things along, once a crew gets to 40 points they automatically move to the next round. In addition, any crew that reaches 0 point are eliminated from the contest and cannot be revived.

We will go back to the normal contest on Monday at 12 noon. Play nice!

Final standings

Beat Freaks with 29 points at the closing bell
Phunk Phenomenon at 1:47 am thanks to Illstar

Left Behind

Fly Khicks with 11 points at the closing bell

Static Noyze at 9:48 am by Ninjaboi
Poreotix at 8:17 pm by Frank (sorry NAO)
Rhythm City at 10:00 am by Names are overrated.
787 Crew at 8:18 am by Names are Overrated.
Southern Movement at 4:46 am by Guest

To get things started I posted the first move in the comments.