Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Video: Strikers All-Stars give back -- workshops for kids during their tour

 While on tour in Arkansas, Strikers All-Stars (ABDC Season 3) taught workshops to kids 6-19 at Christie McNeil's dance studio in Jonesboro, according to  

Peterson Thelisma taught students The Strikers dance routine. According to him, one of the best parts of their tour is to get to interact with the kids.  "Especially with kids, if you can get their attention, you can teach them just about anything."One of the main things I stress is education. We all came from a different background and we all ended up in college. It gives them a different view on education. Because kids often don't think parents are cool, but if they hear it from us to go to school and stay in class, they'll listen. So, that's been my message throughout this whole thing."