Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Legendary Hip Hop | Expression Crew: Marionette

I'M BACK! After a hiatus in the real world, Ninjaboi returns to BABDC.  To mark this, here's another installment of Legendary Hip Hop.

Before anyone calls these people Jabba-biters, let me tell you that Expression crew has been rocking the masks and the atmosphere of this performance before Jabba.  Winning BOTY 2002 for the first time for Korea in what is in itself a legendary performance, [which you can see here], Jabbawockeez has said that they were inspired to perform in masks.
Since then, Expression crew still performs in Korea, most notably their "Marionette" show (originally choreographed in 2005, with various changes over the years), which is the topic of today's post