Thursday, August 18, 2011

Legendary Hip Hop | Demons of the Mind/Medea Sirkas - 1984 Performance

After my last Legendary Hip Hop Post, Guest suggested I post up a video of this other legendary crew, Medea Sirkas. Whoever you are Guest, your wish has been granted.

Reppin the Bay Area, Medea Sirkas are pioneers of dance, helping found strutting and Filmore styles of dance.  While this video doesn't show it, they also used masks in their performances, and their particular style of dance has been very influential upon crews we know and love today, including Jabbawockeez and fellow Bay-Area dancers Supreme Soul and Academy of Villains.  They were creating illusions with their bodies long before I.aM.mE thought of Brain Banging, or were even born. Previously known as Demons of the Mind, they continue to stay relevant and perform together, such as in Justin Bieber's "Somebody to Love" music video. Check them out at their website: