Thursday, August 25, 2011

Legendary Hip Hop | The Lockers

Yet again, on Legendary Hip Hop, we feature another OG crew. What can I say? These people are truly legendary.  This time, we feature the Campbellockers, more commonly known as the Lockers.  When Don Campbellock inadvertenly created the signature locking movements of this dance style (hence the name), he ushered in a whole new style of funk dance.  Made up of members Campbellock, Toni Basil, Fred Berry, Greg Pope, Shabba-doo, Slim the Robot, and Fluky Luke, they performed for a number of years across the nation, and have since gone on to do their own individual work in dance, coming together now and then for reunion performances. Check them out on their website:'s a 1970 Soul Train performance: