Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kickstarter Project: "Uploaded" Documentary with Victor Kim, Keone Madrid, Mariel Martin

So, I came across this film project online and I thought I'd share it with you guys.  "Uploaded: The Asian American Movement" is a documentary currently in production that's taking a look at how Asian American's are utilizing new media such as Youtube to overcome historical prejudices against Asians in mainstream media.  Before you go on and say "Wait Ninjaboi! This is a dance blog, not an Asian American activism blog!" Hold your horses. Part of the documentary looks at dancers in this online media, and they hope to interview Victor Kim (ABDC3 Quest Crew), Keone Madrid and Mariel Martin (Movement Lifestyle).

I say "hope to" because the project has set up a Kickstarter. Though they made their goal already, all extra funds will improve the finished project. Pledge gifts include autographed copies of the DVD, Tshirts, and tickets to screenings. Click here for more information and to give money to the project.