Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Legendary Hip Hop | Electric Boogaloos: Soul Train

Today on Legendary Hip Hop we showcase yet another OG crew: Electric Boogaloos.  Back when popping was just beginning, this is the crew that helped get it all started.  Breaking may have started in New York on the East Coast, but these pioneers held down the dance scene on the West, Fresno, CA to be exact.  In fact, the name of the most basic popping move, the Fresno, originates from this crew's origin place. Made up of popping Legends, such as Boogaloo Sam, Popin Pete, Skeeter Rabbit, SugaPop, Mr Wiggles.  While Boogaloo may have since been grouped together with G-style to form the two main styles of popping, these pioneers will always be remembered for the work they put into this style. Enjoy this 1980 clip of them on Soul Train!