Monday, August 13, 2012

Video: "The Shiggle" featuring members of IaMmE, ICONic Boyz, Mos Wanted Crew, Quest, Poreotics

Phillip 'Pacman' Chbeeb (member of America's Best Dance Crew's IaMmE) created a dance move called "The Shiggle". His video teaches the move and features dancing by Ian Eastwood (Kubscouts/MosWanted Crew),Vinny Castronovo (ICONic Boyz), Chachi Gonzales and Jaja Vankova(IaMmE) Dumbo (Poreotics), Hokuto Konishi (Quest Crew), Brandon Bryant & Ade Obayomi (So You Think You Can Dance), Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf), and Steve-O (Jackass TV & Film)