Friday, August 17, 2012

Important: Please sign Bboy petition to properly accredit the flare (and avoid appropriation by gymnastics community)

This message is from Ninjaboi (who is internet-less today): 
The gymnastics community wants to appropriate the flare and call it the "Hamminator" after Morgan Hamm who was the first to do it in gymnastics competition. There's a petition going around to have them give proper accreditation to Pablo Flores of Soul Control Crew, the first bboy to actually complete continuous airflares with record. Hamm himself has given accreditation to the bboy community, and the bboy community really feels that credit should be given where credit is due. Right now there's only 3300 or so signatures out of 100,000 goal, so any help to push it forward would help. Below is a video of Pablo Flores. Click here to view and sign the petition. Thanks!