Thursday, August 16, 2012

Exclusive interviews at HHI: Vinny Castronovo ( formerly w/ ICONic Boyz) answer fan questions, trades family 'secrets' with sister Bianca

Chris Trondsen interviewed Vinny Castronovo (formerly a member of ICONic Boyz) and his sister Bianca at Hip Hop International in Las Vegas August 2012. In the first of three parts (click here to watch) , Vinny talks about returning to HHI, how he's enjoyed meeting dancers from all over the world, who he was excited to watch at HHI, and how their meet and greet went.  In the second part, he answers fan questions including whether he plans to submit a video for Justin Bieber's Believe tour, what he orders at McDonalds, his favorite movie and ice cream flavor, his craziest dream, his biggest pet peeve (rude people!), who he'd like to play him in a movie, his favorite super hero, what color socks he wears, and many other questions

In the third part, Vinny and his sister Bianca answer questions and reveal secrets about each other including their daily hair routines, funny habits,  her celebrity crush, Vinny's shoe collection, what each other's rooms look like (including posters), and their habits when they're alone (singing, posing!)