Friday, July 27, 2012

UDC 2012 | Lyle Beniga, Ian Eastwood, Pat Cruz, Quick Crew

Urban Dance Camp is underway in Europe, and already videos are coming out showing top notch choreographers strutting their stuff on the dance floor. The Urban Dance Showcase will be on the 29th of July, and the workshops go until the 20th of August. Get more details at the official Urban Dance Camp/Showcase Website.

The first few days of Urban Dance Camp were dominated by titans of dance Lyle Beniga and Pat Cruz of Movement Lifestyle, Ian Eastwood of Mos Wanted Crew, and Quick Crew from Norway. They're all dancing in each other's videos, so you get to see them multiple times. Click the links below to their videos, and be sure to check out the [UrbanDanceCamp] Channel.

Lyle Beniga (ft Ian Eastwood and Pat Cruz) - Gimmie Some More
Ian Eastwood - The Real Her
Pat Cruz (ft Lyle Beniga, Ian Eastwood and Quick Crew) - Lemme See
Quick Crew (ft Pat Cruz) - Nice and Slow
Quick Crew (ft Chachi, Pat Cruz and Ian Eastwood) - Next By the Weekend
Quick Crew - Great Time (See Below) - includes cypher