Friday, July 27, 2012

SYTYCD Top 16 recaps from around the net

Since there are so many recaps for So You Think You Can Dance, I'll only highlight those that show some opinion or extra insight beyond mere description
-- Donna Kauffman uses the excuse of drugs to get super-snarky about music, semi-obscene dance moves, and other offenses and predicts next week's eliminations
-- TV Line gives out this week's awards:  Cyrus & Eliana get the best Dance of the Night; also read their Biggest Fall from Grace, and Special Effects Award
-- Television Without Pity is LONG; summary - Cyrus & Eliana favorite, Audrey and Matthew are meh
-- Entertainment Weekly reviews the judges' comments in depth and thinks that Nigel's explanation of the voting system should be a primer for the 2012 Presidential elections
-- Huffington Post  thinks that the dance routine by Chehon & Witney will go down in the SYTYCD history books as a 'watch it on repeat' routine'
-- Buddy TV runs a slide show, which is much easier to recap than all the wordy reviews. Thanks guys! And they call Lindsay & Cole as their favorite of the night
--Hitfix thinks this may be the most talented season ever, and is not saying that just because she was invited to their press junket
-- Reality Nation finds the mew format heartbreaking --the best dancers of the night might be cut due to voting for last week (i.e., the same format America's Best Dance Crew has always had). Welcome to the heartaches that ABDC voters have felt for 7 seasons, Reality Nation!

There are many more recaps, but I chose my favorites. If you have a favorite recapper, leave a comment and we'll look at it and maybe add it in a later post or next week.