Saturday, July 28, 2012

MercerMZ review (with LOTS of videos) - So You Think You Can Dance Top 16

All right, so last week, I was not able to get my review written due to a mix of real-life matters to deal with and the fact that I lost my Internet after another storm swept through my area. SO, before we get to this week's review, let me just do a short summary of last week:
* Loved the opening group number, but did not care for the Step Up performance (regardless of the returning alumni)
* Favorite performance came from Amelia/Will, while my least favorite came from Janelle/Dareian
* Favorite girl performance came from Amelia, while my least favorite came from Lindsay
* Favorite guy performance came from Cole, while my least favorite came from Dareian
* Sad to see Alexa/Daniel go, since they seemed to be great technical dancers.

And last but not least, I predicted that the Bottom 4 dancers from each gender would be Lindsay, Janelle, Amber & Tiffany for the girls, and Brandon, Glitch, Dareian & George for the guys.

So with all that in mind, the Top 16 dancers to perform a new set of routines for America's vote, and with some strong competitors leaving, there's less room for mistakes to be made. So how did this week compare to the last two? Who gave the strongest/weakest performances of the night? And did America get it right with the Bottom 6 this week? We'll find out right now. As a hint, here's my favorite of the night:

Click here to read the rest of the review and see videos of the performances.