Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Video: DS2DIO | Remixed | Mike Song

If you've been following Youtube trends lately, you'll notice that a new channel, called DS2DIO (pronounced D-studio) has launched. This is a partner channel with Step Up Director Jon M Chu that focuses on dancers. They've got a pretty solid lineup of webseries and content that they'll be rolling out this week, and the first episode of the show "Remixed" features ABDC Alum Mike Song collaborating with acapella artist Mike Tompkins to create a unique performance where the dancer doesn't back up the artist, but the two are equals in producing the piece.

Also, producer Harry Shum Jr (LXD) announced in a livestream after the premiere that seasons 1-3 of the LXD will be reaired on this channel. He has also issued a challenge to anyone interested to create their own dance using "the arm puppet," so check it out here.

Personally I think this marks a great step forward for dancers and the role that they take in entertainment. Make sure you tune in next week when newlyweds Keone and Mari take the stage with artist Christina Grimme. (And thanks for pointing out this video, Greg and PerezOverride!)