Friday, June 22, 2012

DS2DIO | S2DIO CITY Episode 1 - The Bridge

Normally we don't post on ballet here on BBDC. Not because we don't think it's a great dance, but because we as editors and contributors to the site aren't knowledgable enough about ballet to talk about it intelligently, so we let those who do practice that art talk their talk. However, I can say for sure that DS2DIO's latest series, S2DIO city, which started off with a ballet episode defintiely has top notch dancing.

It's an interesting concept. We all know that dance is the universal language, able to transcend local dialects and our limited vocabulary. But what if it were the ONLY language? That is something that S2DIO city tries to explore.

You can check out the episode below, as well as an interview with the dancers here, in addition to a preview for next week's episode featuring ABDC7 Alum and MWC member Ian Eastwood. In addition, you have a chance at being a citizen of S2DIO city - check on the description on the video below to see how. 

Check out S2DIO city every Wednesday at 6pm EST.