Monday, June 18, 2012

Byeynyn's Review - America's Best Dance Crew Season 7 Finale

Previously, in America’s Best Dance Crew and Least Favorite Format Change, 8 Flavahz was voted safe, leaving MWC and Elektrolytes to fight for the remaining spot with a goofy dance battle instead of a Last Chance Challenge, also rendering the David Guetta performances nearly useless. Considering this dance battle wasn’t much better than the season’s first dance battle between the first two eliminated crews, Mix’d Elements and Funkdation, it really speaks to how tight of a contest this season really was. MWC was given a Mos Extreme Elimination, and joins the talented crop of ABDC’s previous third-place finishers. It’s Katy Perry Week! The show is now down to, as the show kind of puts it, a bunch of Hawaiian girls fresh out of the womb and constant rejects from a boring city. Who will get the title? Click here to read the full review.