Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spikey Mikey and Chris talk to ABDC & HHI Creator 'Howie' Schwartz - "We'll be back at HHI!, the Olympics of Dance"

 Spikey Mikey Fusco (ICONic Boyz) and Chris Trondsen interviewed America's Best Dance Crew Creator and Co-producer (and Hip Hop International creator) Howard 'Howie' Schwartz before the taping of ABDC's Drake Challenge. Mikey talks about his experience at Hip Hop International and how it's one of the best places for young dancers., and Howard talks about how HHI can be a life-changing experience and what's in store for 2012 (including workshops with Chachi, Matt Cady, Brian Puspos; and competitors like 8 Flavahz and Elektrolytes), and how to find out more about HHI.