Friday, May 11, 2012

Recaps galore for ABDC's J-Lo Challenge!

- Daily Princetonian deftly blends reviews with judges' comments, tweets (@chachigonzales: Did I totally meet Pauly D?? YUP! And guess who he did the fist pump with…ME!! Hahaha) and related stuff around the interwebs (someone really reads my play-by-play?!?)
- AV Club gives the episode an A, mostly because they sat in the audience for the taping. They have insights on the editing process, what really happened during the taping, and why Collizion should have stayed.  Tears of joy?
- All Voices summarizes the action and has no photo gallery this week. I'm very disappointed in you!
- Screen Invasion is worried about Fanny Pak's ABDC trajectory and thinks Elektrolytes won the night
- We'll Fix it In catches up on the ABDC Season -- They've got reviews of both JLo week and Drake week. To quote them, "There's always room for J-Lo".
- Ant M. has his weekly Youtube review. I love listening to him. And check out his ABDC Funk Bracket competition