Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yoo's Non-Spoiler report from the ABDC Madonna taping

 Yoo was in the audience for the taping of America's Best Dance Crew's Madonna taping. Here's his report on the evening which contains NO SPOILERS:
So we got Madonna week! Songs that are used are a lot of her songs back in her career.
 - There is a Special Announcement that Mario made or let me say "GAME-CHANGER".
- Because there are 9 crews, only 1 judge will speak for each crew.
 - Chachi (IaMmE, SoReal Home Team),Law and Jet li (Poreotics),Cornell (SK, kombative), members from Blueprint, Baby Boogaloo (Miniotics, Future Funk) , Chestersee (YTF), Myron Martin (World of Dance) were all in the house tonight
Click here to read the rest of Yoo's report, including descriptions of the crews, as well as some judges' comments (not attributed to the performance in question). Thanks Yoo! 

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 Photocredit: Mario Lopez Extra's Yfrog account. This picture was taken BEFORE the show aired.Thanks MSERanMan for the link!