Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More recaps of Flo Rida challenge & more precaps for Madonna Challenge

More recaps of the action in America's Best Dance Crew's Flo Rida Challenge:
- MuchMusic has a summary and lots of pictures
- Screen Invasion thought the group number was the worst in ABDC history and predicts hard times for the non-US crews
- Little Blog of Dance semi-analyzes the groups' steps in a stream of consciousness. Interesting.
- We'll Fix it In is a late poster this season, but always on-target with the snark. Here's the Britney Spears recap 
And, more backstage interviews from the taping of ABDC's Madonna Challenge:
- Pacific Rim has in-depth interviews with Fanny Pak, Stepboys, Elektrolytes, 8 Flavahz, and Funkdation. Click here for links to this Episode 3 interview playlist
- DanceOn has mini-interviews with all the crews